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JMV Cellophane Wrapping & Packaging Machines

A cellophane wrapping machine is a packaging machine that automates the hand wrapping process by placing a packaging material (e.g., weldable film) around the CD case and then folding it neatly at the ends as we know it from a gift pack.

Depending on the workload, JMV Robotique offers a range of packaging machines: from semi-automatic to full-automatic cellophane wrappers.

CDC100 – CD cellophaning machine
CDC160 – Semi Automatic DVD Wrapper
CDC200 – CD, DVD, Bl-ray case overwrappers
CDC140 – Semi Automatic Slim CD Wrapper
CDC170 – Semi Automatic Blu-ray Overwrapper
Speedstar series

There are several reasons why you should prefer CD / DVD cellophane wrapping to other types of packaging, including:

  • Original packaging – An intact cellophane packaging shows that the steel has not changed since it left the manufacturer. An opened packaging immediately catches the eye; After unauthorized removal of the contents, it is virtually impossible to close without leaving any traces.
  • Looking good – Perhaps one of the most important arguments: a cellophane packaging gives the impression of quality and enhanced value. </ li>
  • Reduce Costs – Cellophane wrapping can save a lot, especially on bundled packaging sets. Protecting content – The cellophane film adds another protective layer to the contents and protects the packaged product well even during transport.
  • Less packaging and production waste – in contrast to the shrink wrap, the cellophane wrapper does not produce any foil waste.
  • Save energy – Very little energy is released in cellophane wrapping because the heating takes place point by point at the weld seam. A cellophane machine needs about 2 to 3 kilowatts of total power, which is one tenth of the power needed to heat the shrink tunnel.

    Cellophane wrapping and cellophaning machines are becoming increasingly important.

    Selected for their cost-reducing factor, as product protection or from the point of view of packaging technology, cellophane wrapping offers considerable advantages in the packaging of a wide variety of products.

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